The gifts of living senior

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Exploring how to embrace ‘Living Senior’ is an opportunity to start new.  At the same time, it is challenging to recreate oneself into a later version.  Having worked most of my life so far, I am now confronted with a new way of living: Should I get a part-time job?  What should I do to fill  my new hours of uncommitted time?  With each new day there are opportunities to learn and listen to  what other seniors are doing, and what the ‘aging experts‘ are saying and advising  seniors about how to get the best experience(s) during their aging progression.

What are some of the things we ‘should’ do to continue our lives in a healthful manner?  What should we know about Social Security and Medicare? How and where can seniors find FREE help for computer skills, exercise programs, and enhancing  our memory attention. Where are the support systems for financial help, and diet?

I started this blog to create a reference for myself so that I would be able to find the websites, which I think have valuable information easily accessed when I want to revisit the ideas. Afterwards,  I thought, ‘why not share this blog with other people looking for ‘senior-related’ information.   This blog will remain stylistically ‘uncluttered’ in order to make it easy to find the topics.

I hope it will be helpful for other senior searchers.  Stay tuned. I assure you, it will be interesting. The www has so much to offer.





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