Acupuncture & Pain Relief

I admit that when some of my friends suggested I try Acupuncture to relieve the pain in my hands, I was hesitant.  What really prompted me to explore acupuncture was the severe pain I was struggling with in my hands.  In addition, I was taking Ibuprofen, and when the pain became unbearable, I took Naproxen.  My doctor had cautioned me not to take either of these medications on a frequent basis due to other side effects. As I was considering what I would do I came across an article in Health Matters, which is a publication of the White Plains Hospital (WPH) in Westchester, NY.  I was convinced that if WPH was willing to suggest acupuncture to its patients as part of their Cancer Wellness Center program, it was worth a try.

Today, acupuncture is being practiced in all 50 states by over 9,000 practitioners, with over 4,000 MDs including it in their practices. Acupuncture has shown notable success in treating many conditions, and over 15 million Americans have used it as a therapy. Source: Acupuncture | definition of acupuncture by Medical dictionary

There are those who suggest that acupuncture is a ‘placebo’. However true that may be for some people, in my case it has proved to be a recommendation worth exploring. And, not only that, acupuncture has given me a new way to manage my pain.  I no longer have the severe aching in my hands.  I no longer take Ibuprofen, or Naproxen to relieve the pain. In fact, I am progressing so nicely in this regard that my acupuncturist has suggested that I can reduce the number of times I see him per month because I have been very receptive to this type of treatment. I am not guaranteeing that my results will be the same for everyone who pursues acupuncture; but these have been my results.

Sometimes, we have to step outside of the box where we keep our ideas, and give something that is new a try.  I am so relieved I did.

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