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Are you aware of the benefits that senior citizens (referred to as elderly people) can receive by eating yogurt?  Are you aware that not all yogurt give you the same benefits, and why you might choose one type versus another type?

First off let’s discuss some of the health benefits of eating Greek yogurt : helps with digestion; controls blood pressure; provides protein, it is also an excellent source of calcium. So there I was eating my Greek yogurt, and something told me to check the ‘benefits’ of the one I was eating. I went to

Fooducate is a website that provides detailed information about the nutrition facts of the food you are eating. It also gives the food brand a rating.  There is an app that you can put on your smartphone. It’s considered to be one of the best food rating apps.  To my surprise, I found out that the yogurt I was eating received a B-  for one cup of the yogurt, which is worst than average!   Further details indicated it had over 50% of daily saturated fat, and 6 teaspoons of sugar per serving.  I also checked whether the yogurt I was eating  had probiotics. It did not.

  • Probiotics can protect the elderly from IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). According to a report, elderly people have fewer friendly bacteria, and probiotics help support a good balance. They can also protect us from things like E-coli. However, one should be aware that there are good and ineffective probiotic products one can buy as well.  Fooducate can help you learn about the best, and worst  products on the market.
  • As senior citizens, we have to be a bit more diligent about what we are putting into our bodies.  Let’s stay healthwise by using the tools that are available to us and help us to monitor the best solutions for our eating pleasures.

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