Senior Care and COVID19

senior telemedicineThe COVID19 – Pandemic has affected us all in how we will lead our lives post Coronavirus. In addition, we senior citizens are being confronted with new methods in order to manage how we live going forward. Major changes have occurred in attending to our healthcare and well-being needs physically, socially, and mentally.  To protect our health, Telehealth is a solution, which allows us to see the doctor without visiting their office.

  • Good news for seniors is that  Medicare has now expanded Telemedicine coverage and you can arrange doctor appointments until further notice, without incurring added charges. This includes chronic conditions like high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes.
  • FYI – The terms Telehealth and Telemedicine are being used interchangeably.  These are the descriptions I found at The American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) –
  •  iPhone users can contact telemedicine doctors using FaceTime. Android users can use Skype.  There are numerous apps, which can be utilized.

doctor-4187242_1920Medicare Descriptions of  Telehealth coverage:

Let’s review our checklist for getting telehealth/telemedicine ready: 

  1. Contact your doctor to inquire how she/he will be using telehealth. This helps you to get started, and know which app your doctor is using, and the methodology. For example, the Doximity app works in a particular way.
  2.  Internet (Wi-Fi) connection is required.
  3.  Equipment: Smartphone, Tablet, or Computer.
  4.  App – depending on your doctor’s service.

If you would like to review suggestions for best cell phones for seniors in 2020 take a look at the link below.


For free computer training click the link below:

Telehealth Information Sources:

Best wishes for your well-being,



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