Mammograms for Seniors

October has been Breast Cancer month and I am always pleasantly surprised to see how many of us support the cause of finding a cure. This month I would like to call your attention to a few “Pink” news items.
Have you heard the Pink song by Dolly Parton and other artists? I hope it will lift your spirits and lead you to donate to this formidable cause.

I would like to share the following breast cancer information that senior woman should be aware of. Finding cancer in early stages results in simpler and effective treatment.

In August of this year a New York Times article reviewed a few of the options older women (75 years and up) can consider before having a mammogram during Covid-19 times. As usual, always check with your doctor before making any decisions regarding your breast health.
Statistics show the incidence of breast cancer as women age increases. Facing decisions for treatment can have an impact on emotional and physical well-being.

Guidelines are confusing: The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force, recommends stopping routine mammograms at age 75. However, “Healthline” reports that there are benefits of screening yearly after age 75. See report here:

  • Over detection in older women is a problem.
  • I have the feeling that this issue of older women and Mammograms treatment is inconclusive. Advice in this area is not firm and a little incohesive.

Bottom line: Follow your personal history; stay in conversation with your physician; and continue to be informed.

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Click on these links for detailed source information:
* Use this tool to help you review questions to make a decision with your healthcare professional.


Wishing you safety and well-being.

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