Arthritis Signs for Knees

Adjusting to the signs of aging is not intuitive.  In recent years, I have learned to read, listen to other seniors, and constantly pay attention to the signs my body gives me.

An article in the New York Times Well section brought to my attention that early signs of arthritis could be creaking and popping sounds.  Yes!

The condition for noises in the knees is called Crepitus by medical professionals. To date professionals are actually undecided whether these noises in the knees signal the beginning of Arthritis.  So, what should we be aware of?  Here are some guidelines:

♠ If you’re over the age of 45 and overweight, these increase the possibility of knee arthritis.
♠ If you hearing popping and creaking, make an appointment with your physician.  Even if the joint is not aching.
♠ Early intervention is important.  Exercise and weight loss can slow the disease advancing.
♠ At this time there is no cure for knee arthritis.
♠ Not all popping in the knees indicates that they are arthritic.

Read more about this study at: Noisy Knees? Arthritis May Be in Your Future
For help check out:  WebMD/ Knee Pain Management

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