Baby Boomers and Dementia


I recently had the benefit of attending a talk about dementia and how to plan and live with this challenging condition/disease.

Dr. Tia Powell has written a book, “Dementia Reimagined …” . She weaves  in some of  her personal story as a means of inviting us to have a conversation about this  life changing condition.  Both her grandmother and mother had dementia.

Just two startling facts I learned  are that  10% of  Baby Boomers (born 1946-1964)  over the age of 65, and 50% of Boomers  85 and older  are expected to have some experience of dementia.  The longer we live, the more likely we may become subject to this condition/disease.

In addition, Dr. Powell discusses a positive approach to preparing to live with the possibility of dementia in our later years.  The glass is  half full and not a  more dismal half-empty outlook. She encourages us to “take on” this challenge to a life with “dignity and planning“.

We continue to learn on this blog that exercise is imperative to a more healthful lifestyle as an older adult.  Walking is one exercise that we can consider to aid in getting this done. It also keeps our brain in good shape.

spotlight-296834_1280SPOTLIGHT NEWS: Speaking of keeping our brains and body in good shape, I would like to share with you a brain and fitness website for those of us who are looking for other ways to keep our brains and body in good condition.   These exercises are also done sitting in a chair.  Some of the Ageless Grace tools focus on anti-age techniques for: right-left brain coordination, cognitive functions, and self-esteem.  The tools also focus on balance, bone density and playfulness.  It’s definitely worth  seeing what they have to offer at the website.

Here’s a YouTube sample of Ageless Grace Exercises for you to enjoy!



Give your Brain some love with these suggestions.

What is brisk walking?

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