It’s HEART Month for Love & Health

February is a great time to celebrate  Valentine’s Day, and being grateful for the  love in our lives.  It’s also Heart Awareness Month.  Yes!  As a Brave Heart survivor of open heart surgery of almost  25 years,  this is an issue close to my heart 😊 (pun intended).

Heart disease is a complicated health challenge all over the world.  However, in particular, this month I would like to call attention to the fact that  heart attack  symptoms  for women are quite different from the ones diagnosed for men.  In addition, women are often misdiagnosed in emergency rooms after the heart damage has occurred [ref:].  Below are some of the signs women should consider when being diagnosed for heart disease.  Notice there is no suggestion of heavy chest pain.

Shortness of breath, Pain in one or both arms, Nausea or vomiting,
Sweating, Lightheadedness, or dizziness, Unusual fatigue, Indigestion.

I found  that with myself, I was often very tired.  In addition, I had shortness of breath when I walked upstairs in the subway.  Women in general are often tired because they are taking care of children, home, and working.  So, it’s not unusual for us women.  Be alert that if this symptom persists, check again with your doctor.  Be persistent, even as the symptoms are persistent.  I was relatively young, not overweight, and had not smoked in nine years when I was suffering from my heart problem. Women should be aware that stress affects women’s hearts more than it does men’s hearts. It took months before a doctor was able to diagnose a rare condition that I had with my heart – atrial myxoma.
Take a look at the Heart Sisters Blog, which is for women with heart disease.  I read it on a regular basis.  It’s one of the best places for information  related to women and heart issues.

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3 responses to “It’s HEART Month for Love & Health

  1. Thanks so much for overview on key signs of heart disease for women & the references for more detail – very helpful!


    • Thank you for your comment.
      I am glad to know the post was helpful for you. The more we share about heart disease symptoms for women, the better they can serve their wellness regimen. Please share with your followers as well.


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