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As promised, News you can use 🙂

I have often posted what Senior Planet is presenting on their website and in-person classes.

Today I received my newsletter and once again, they have something new and innovative, engaging, and fun.

OPEN MIC ! on Friday, May 12th. Click the link below for details.

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Free Music, Podcasts Videos Anyone?

News you can use 🙂

Senior Planet is always on point with the latest and greatest ideas for senior citizens to get involved.

May 1, Senior Planet has a class about Spotify, which is a free digital music app. It also has podcasts and videos. As a matter of fact my Wellness Connections Podcast is available on Spotify (along with other platforms).

Click the link 🙂

You can learn more about my podcast at:

This podcast is available on Apple podcast, Google podcast, and other platforms of your choice

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