Create a change for yourself

Senior Planet has something for the aging community. Take a look when you find a moment.

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News you can use ๐Ÿ™‚ Click the link below to learn more about Senior Planet.

Food Guidelines for the Holidays

When time permits, listen to my recent podcast about FoodPrint, what it is and how you can help with climate change.

In addition, you will be introduced to guidelines for saving money when you use the free FoodPrint booklet for reducing food waste.

Podcast available on Apple, Google, and other platforms. Look for the additional information that is available in the details of the podcast description.

All the best in Wellness!

Learn more about your FootPrint at the link below:

Are you drinking enough water or too much water?

A while back I posted this information on one of my blogs. However, these guidelines for drinking water still apply today. Take a moment to figure out which options work best for you.

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Click the link to learn more about drinking water.