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canstockphoto13201257For many of us retiring to a new lifestyle is not an easy transition.  Yes,  you hear all the suggestions about ‘having something to do‘, but how do you get started?  What are some of the first  steps towards this new life experience?

First things, first … What will be the income you can rely on? How will your healthcare be handled?   How do you sign-up for medicare and when?

What advice do the experts give about the best time to retire?  Are you still healthy?  Are you working because you really don’t know what else to do?  Should you transition to a part-time job, or do you need a part-time job?  The truth is, these answers are different for each person.  Below are links that I found on the www that may help you in creating a plan for yourself.  It’s amazing what the social security offices have made available for us to decide.  Just click the Source links to get further details.

Applying for Retirement Benefits

  • Social Security offers an online retirement application that you can complete in as little as 15 minutes. It’s so easy. Better yet, you can apply from the comfort of your home or office at a time most convenient for you. There’s no need to drive to a local Social Security office or wait for an appointment with a Social Security representative. Source: Retirement Benefits

If you are waiting to retire until you are 70 years of age, below is a sample chart of how your income will increase based on a social security benefit of  $1000.00 per month.

  • Let’s say your full retirement age for Social Security benefits is 66, and your monthly benefit at that age is $1,000. Here’s what your monthly benefit would be, starting at different ages:
    * Age 62 = $750 * Age 63 = $800 * Age 64 = $866 * Age 65 = $933 * Age 66 = $1,000
    * Age 67 = $1,080 * Age 68 = $1,160 * Age 69 = $1,240 * Age 70 = $1,320
    Source: The Best Age for YOU to Retire | Social Security Matters

So what’s the maximum amount of retirement income you can receive?
Your maximum social security retirement benefit depends upon the age you retire. If you retire at full retirement age (FRA) in 2016 the maximum benefit is $2,639.  If you retire at the age of 70 in 2016, your maximum benefit is $3,576.  However, if you retire at the age of 62 in 2016, your maximum benefit would be $2,102. Source: What is the maximum I can receive from my Social Security retirement benefit? | Investopedia

Note:  This website has great suggestions for Retirement Planning. Click the Topics picture.  great retirement ideas

The gifts of living senior

senior banner _living SR

Exploring how to embrace ‘Living Senior’ is an opportunity to start new.  At the same time, it is challenging to recreate oneself into a later version.  Having worked most of my life so far, I am now confronted with a new way of living: Should I get a part-time job?  What should I do to fill  my new hours of uncommitted time?  With each new day there are opportunities to learn and listen to  what other seniors are doing, and what the ‘aging experts‘ are saying and advising  seniors about how to get the best experience(s) during their aging progression.

What are some of the things we ‘should’ do to continue our lives in a healthful manner?  What should we know about Social Security and Medicare? How and where can seniors find FREE help for computer skills, exercise programs, and enhancing  our memory attention. Where are the support systems for financial help, and diet?

I started this blog to create a reference for myself so that I would be able to find the websites, which I think have valuable information easily accessed when I want to revisit the ideas. Afterwards,  I thought, ‘why not share this blog with other people looking for ‘senior-related’ information.   This blog will remain stylistically ‘uncluttered’ in order to make it easy to find the topics.

I hope it will be helpful for other senior searchers.  Stay tuned. I assure you, it will be interesting. The www has so much to offer.