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You already know my motto. Episode 51 podcast is about what’s happening for Black History, Heart Month and other topics which could be useful. Take a listen when your time allows. This podcast is available on Anchor, Spotify, Apple and other platforms for your convenience.

Details and links to the various blogs and websites are available in the details of this podcast.

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Group Talk About Aging

Aging is a process that we can all use ideas for how to manage it.

Senior Planet has a group discussion you can join in on February 3. Bring your lunch 🙂

News you can use details are below. Click the link.

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Exercises for Seniors: Are you balancing?

So helpful to have live examples of exercises you can use to be a fit senior citizen.

Take a look when you find an opportunity to treat yourself well 🙂

News you can use 🙂

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Balance Classes for Senior Citizens

News you can use 🙂

Senior citizens can experience balance problems for various reasons. This week Senior Planet has a Balance class that you may want to attend. Click the link below to join in the class on Wednesday, January 18 at 4:00-5:00 PM.

Learn more about some causes of balance issues at the National Institute on Aging by clicking the link below.

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Wellness Connections Podcast- Season 2

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When you find a moment, listen to what is happening on my podcast for Season 2.

I am certain that it is ‘News You Can Use 🙂

This podcast is available on Apple podcast, Google podcast, and other platforms of your choice. 
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